Capo Caccia



Capo Caccia brings the best produce from Sardinia to London. The island, off the coast of Italy, has a rich agricultural heritage, producing some truly unique and delicious produce. The man behind Capo Caccia is Sardinian born, Antonio Arca, he takes multiple trips a year back to Sardinia to source the best products available. The range of products he sells include cheeses, cured meats, olive oil, seafood and traditional Sardinian pasta and bread.


One of the most famous Sardinian products is the sheeps’ milk cheese, Pecorino. You may know of Pecorino Romano and assumed it was from Rome but actually, most Pecorinos, including Pecorino Romano, are made in Sardinia. The other styles of Sardinian Pecorino, also known as Pecorino Sardo or Fiore Sardo, are less salty and are usually eaten on their own, as opposed to grated on pasta.


As a large share of the cheese production in Sardinian uses sheeps' milk. The ricotta, a byproduct of the cheesemaking, that is made from this milk is quite different from the ubiquitous cows’ milk ricotta. Sheep milk has a much higher fat content than cows milk which means the cheeses are much richer and creamier. Capo Caccia sells fresh ricotta, as well as a smoked and dried version 'Ricotta Mustia' and ricotta salata, ricotta that has been dried and aged, perfect for grating on to pasta or in a salad.​


The cured meats that are all from Sardinia as well, are a combination of traditional Italian salumi, like pancetta and coppa and uniquely Sardinian products, like ‘mustela’, a cured pork loin and various salamis and salsiccia (cured sausage) made with classic Sardinian herbs.


A variety of preserved Sardinian seafood products are also available, like bottarga (salted and cured fish roe), squid ink, sea urchin roe and fillets of cured and smoked swordfish. 


Capo Caccia also sell a variety of dried pasta, such as malloreddus, a Sardinian style gnocchi, and fregola, tiny pearl pasta, similar to Israeli couscous.

You can purchase these products through their website or you can find Capo Caccia at the Crystal Palace Food Market every Saturday.


Other markets you can find Capo Caccia:

South Norwood Clock Tower Market - First Saturday of the month

Royal Arsenal Farmers Market - Second Saturday and Last Saturday of the month

Oval Farmers Market - Third Saturday of the month 

West Norwood Feast Market - First Sunday of the month April-December

Catford Food Market - Last Sunday of the month