Crown and Queue



Crown and Queue is a producer of cured meats. You won’t find prosciutto or chorizo here, Crown and Queue are dedicated to British charcuterie. Made from all British animals and ingredients, using recipes inspired by the culinary history of Britain.


Situated among the railway arches of Spa Terminus in Bermondsey, Crown and Queue is the creation of Canadian-born Adrienne Eiser Treeby. After spending years working in kitchens and learning charcuterie in her spare time, she decided that London needed something other than imported cured meat. Certainly not to say that there is anything wrong with Jamón Iberico or Prosciutto di Parma. These products are such a fantastic representation of their own countries of origin, so why not have British equivalents that champion the culinary culture of Britain. Crown and Queue make their products using native animal breeds, British herbs and fruits and all those quintessentially British flavours.


Adrienne studies old Victorian-era cookbooks for inspiration and its not just food she’s inspired by. One of her cured sausages, ‘Mothers Ruin’, borrows ingredients from an old gin recipe (Mothers Ruin was an old nickname for gin). Another product, ‘Devils Mortar’, a soft textured spreading sausage, akin to n’duja or sobrasada, uses traditional devilling spices taken from a 19th-century Scottish recipe.


There is also a big focus on only using high welfare pork and beef, buying from local and fully traceable farms that Adrienne has personally visited (a chalkboard sign by the entrance reads “We know where our meat comes from”).


Adrienne is always trialling new recipes and experimenting with new ingredients, some products are also seasonal, so not always available. At time of writing this, here are the current offerings from Crown and Queue.


Mother's Ruin, juniper, fennel seeds and white wine (a chardonnay that is made in London)


Devil's Mortar, cayenne, chilli, garlic, anchovy oil and tomato.


Black Pepper Belly, whole pork belly, cured, coated in black pepper and thinly sliced. 


Martlemass Beef, topside beef cured in ginger, mace and beer fermented with damson fruit from nearby Kernel Brewery


Lincoln Imp, a cured sausage borrowing flavours from Lincolnshire sausage; sage, garlic, dried fruit and stout.


Snapdragon, another cured sausage, cayenne, cinnamon, dried currants and apple brandy.


Houghton Loin, a whole, cured loin of pork with rosemary, fennel and horseradish.


Kick In The Head, a deboned pigs head, spiced with cayenne, rolled, brined, roasted and sliced. This is more similar to a ham than a dried product.

Find Crown & Queue at:

Seven Dials Market, Covent Garden, WC2H 9LD

Monday to Saturday: 11am - 8pm

Sundays: Noon - 8pm

They also sell all their products from their production facility in Bermondsey (as well as freshly made scotch eggs and sausage rolls) at the Spa Terminus Market, every Saturday from 10am-2pm.

Unit 8
Spa Business Park
Dockley Road
SE16 3FJ

Their products are also stocked at various shops around London.

Froth & Rind - (Walthamstow)

The Hill Bakery & Deli - (Camberwell)

Jones of Brockley - (Brockley)

Hamish Johnston - (Clapham)

The Butchery - (Forest Hill)

The Deli Downstairs - (Victoria Park)

The Larder Deli - (Ladywell)


Nothing is wasted at Crown & Queue, all offcuts are sold as either lardons or ‘oinks’, a mix of offcuts from their different cured sausages.