Spanish Paprika / Pimentón



Pimentón is a type of paprika produced in Spain. It is an earthy red, ground spice made of dried red peppers. Dependant on the spiciness of the peppers its made from, there are 3 levels of heat;

- Dulce (sweet, no spice)

- Agridulce (bittersweet/medium hot)

- Picante (hot).


Two types of Pimentón are produced in Spain, both have a protected denomination of origin (DO). They are;


Pimentón de La Vera and Pimentón de Murcia.

Pimentón de La Vera is made from peppers grown in the La Vera region in the west of Spain and then dried through smoking, over smouldering oak wood. It has a great smokey flavour that is essential for many classic Spanish dishes. Many vegetarian recipes call for a dash of smoked paprika as a substitute for the savoury, barbecue smoke flavour of bacon or ham.


Pimentón de Murcia is made from peppers grown in the Murcia region on the south-east coast of Spain. These peppers are sun-dried, so this pimentón has a much more subtle flavour. It is a key ingredient in Paella, providing both flavour and colour.

Recipes using Pimentón