Wild Garlic



No bulbs here, just a leaf with a big garlic flavour. Not an impostor but a cousin, wild garlic is part of the allium family, alongside garlic, onions and leeks. When the forest floors are carpeted in wild garlic, that’s the sign that winter is gone and spring is here.


Try some wild garlic in place of regular garlic in your cooking. It packs a big garlicky punch when raw, but cooking it will remove most of its garlic flavour. So to get the most out of it, use raw or add it right at the end of cooking.


Using wild garlic is a great way to add bright colour and flavour to your food. It's a very versatile ingredient. Add some chopped leaves to your food processor when making mayonnaise to make a brilliant, bright green wild garlic mayonnaise. The leaves work as a great replacement for basil in a pesto. Or try mixing some into mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, risottos, soups, the list goes on.


Don’t sleep on it though, it’s only around for a few months so either get foraging or visit your local farmers market. If you want to preserve your wild garlic for year-round use, blitz it with some butter and freeze - either in a roll or in portions. It should keep for a long time frozen.

Recipes using Wild Garlic