Wild Garlic & Anchovy Butter



This is a great way to use wild garlic. Combined with the anchovies, this butter has a big flavour. A classic French combination. Ideal for snails but also great melted on top of some boiled new potatoes or with grilled mushrooms or steak.


Wild garlic loses its garlic flavour when cooked, so this is best used as a ‘finishing’ butter. Instead of cooking with it, just melt a slice on top of a hot dish.


The butter will last in the fridge or can be frozen either whole or in portions so you can have wild garlic to use months after the season has ended. If freezing, make sure you place baking paper in between portions so they don't stick together.



150g butter softened

20g or a handful of about 15 leaves of wild garlic, leaves and stems

2 anchovy fillets

Pinch of salt




Roughly chop the wild garlic and anchovies and add to a food processor with butter and salt. Blitz until well incorporated.


Scoop all the butter out of the processor and onto a sheet of cling wrap. Shape into a rough sausage shape and roll up in the cling wrap. Roll the ends up tight so the butter forms a sausage. Fold the cling wrap ends under and place in the fridge to harden.

If you want to, you can turn this into a lovely Café de Paris Butter, simply just add some mustard, ketchup, capers, shallots, parsley, chives, marjoram, dill, thyme, rosemary, brandy, Madeira, Worcestershire sauce, paprika, curry powder, cayenne, lemon juice and orange zest. 


Actually, on second thought. Don't do that. Just keep it simple.